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Safety status

Telephone Safety status Date and time
100% Safe call
Before 38 min 51 sec
66.666666666667% Safe call
Before 1 h 17 min
100% Safe call
Before 2 h 11 min
75% Not Safe call
Before 2 h 31 min
50% Not Safe call
Before 3 h 54 min
50% Not Safe call
Before 4 h 48 min
100% Not Safe call
Before 6 h 13 min
100% Not Safe call
Before 6 h 24 min
100% Not Safe call
Before 6 h 47 min
100% Safe call
Before 8 h 58 min
100% Not Safe call
Before 9 h 10 min
100% Not Safe call
Before 9 h 45 min
100% Safe call
Before 10 h 5 min
100% Not Safe call
Before 10 h 47 min
100% Not Safe call
Before 9 h 7 min

Last feedback

Telephone Comments Date and time
8572628047Several calls. Never leaves a message.10/02/2017
7074895979Hooker, scammer, drug dealer!!!27/01/2017
5189352780Did not answer phone because number unre...24/01/2017
5189352780Did not answer the phone but recognized ...12/01/2017
6672174620this number is a scam do not trust this ...06/01/2017
3232669024illeagal robo call06/01/2017
3162211651Will not stop texting this spam text eve...02/01/2017
3162211650Will not stop texting a spam text even t...02/01/2017
6146682754No message left08/11/2016
9143636144No message left. called on 11/8/2016 & ...08/11/2016
5152677922line was still open and they would not r...08/11/2016
2532374823This is a scammer who is trying to get m...07/11/2016
5638722019I guess me how u did that06/11/2016
8146200475sexual email to my husband.05/11/2016